Directorate of Admissions


The Directorate of Admissions was established in the year 2008-09 for improvement of prevailing system of admission in BS& Master Programsunderthe supervision of the  Vice  Chancellor,Shah  Abdul  Latif  University,  Khairpur.  The  devoted  team  of experienced officers  and  staff  is  working  hard  for  the  welfare  of  the  students  in  the University.

The main Functions of the Directorate

  1. The   Directorate   of   Admissions   advertises   the   admissions   through   the newspapers,  media  tickers,  and  website  of  the  University  anddisplays  the Banners/posters   on   the prominentplaces   of   the   Sukkur   and   Larkana regions.
  2. The admissions are being made through transparent system of the pre-entry test purely on merit and results of the pre-entry test are declared on the same day of the test and upload on the website of the University.
  3. The complete record of Admissions and collection of fees is being computerized.
  4. Toupdate data/information is also available at the office of the Directorate and same is being provided to the HEC, Federal and Sindh Government agencies as and when desired.


  • Mr. Shahid Hussain Danwar
  • Mr. Shahid Ali Mahar
    Incharge/Software Developer
  • Mr. Saifuddin Pathan
    Assistant Director
  • Abdul Razaque Shaikh
  • Mr. Muhammad Aslam Ghanghro
    Senior Data Processing Officer
  • Mr. Nadeem Ali Bhutto
    Senior Data Processing Officer
  • Mr. Shahid Hussain Memon
    Senior Computer Operator
  • Mr. Ghulam Hussain Mangrio
  • Mr. Manthar Ali Mangrio
  • Mr. Mir Muhammad Keerio
  • Mr. Shoukat Ali Shaikh