Prof. Dr. Syed Muneer Ahmed Shah




Department of Public Administration was established in 2003. It offers BS (4 Years) Degree Programs; it provides professional education to the graduates for preparing them to seek their career through public service commission in different public sector organizations of Pakistan. Besides, they are going to be trained for non-government organizations, private sector, businesses and all other types of national & multinational organizations. Entire academia of the department is well equipped with professional knowledge about organizational structure. The degree program has been designed to provide students with an understanding of the theories of organization, with particular reference to complex systems and seeking for operational solutions to the problems; management technologies including the use of sophisticated information system for the maintenance of ongoing organizational decisions. Students also have an opportunity to acquire specialized knowledge in areas such Human Resources Management, Marketing, Finance, Public Health Administration, Education Administration, E-Governance and Public Policy.


The degree program of BS (4 Years) is consisted of Eight (8) Semesters. In this regard, candidates will be awarded degrees by completing the departmental criteria.



To be a change agent to develop and enhance public leadership through knowledge and quality education. The Department of Public Administration is uniquely placed to prepare current and emergent leaders in local, regional, national and global communities.


Department is dedicated to prepare individuals for public services by keeping in view, ethics, norms, competency and policy. We are seeking to improve them by facilitating learning through community engagement scholarship and encouraged reflection as to work with leaders, managers and administrators representing diverse communities across all domains of public service.




  1. BS (Four-Year) (Morning & Evening)
  2. MPhil
  3. PhD


Prof. Dr. Muneer Shah
Professor & Chairman
Department of Public Administration

Dr. Sajid Ali Mirani

Assistant Professor Department of Public Administration

Dr. Nazar Hussain Phulpoto

Associate Professor Department of Public Administration

Dr. Farhan Ali Soomro

Assistant Professor Department of Public Administration

Mr. Zahoor Ahmed Soomro
(Abroad for PhD under FDP project)

Dr. Ali Raza Lashari

Assistant Professor
Department of Public Administration


Areas of Specialization

  1. Human Resource Management
  2. Marketing
  3. Finance
  4. Education Administration
  5. Public Health Administration
  6. E – Governance
  7. Public Policy
  8. Hotel Management